Our Beliefs


Lafayette First Assembly (LFA) is a fellowship of Christians affiliated with the Assemblies of God, international headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Each church adheres to the following major points of our faith.


1.The Bible is the Word of God.

2. We worship the one true God.

3. We are Trinitarian.

4. The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. The fall of man.

6. The salvation of man.

7. Ordinances of the church.

    A. Baptism in water by immersion.

    B. Holy Communion.

8. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost.

9. The witness of speaking in other tongues as evidence of the baptism.

10. Sanctification.

11. The mission of the church.

    A. As a soul winning agency.

    B. A fellowship to worship God.

    C. To train the saints in Kingdom principles.

12. The ministry.

    Our ministers are divinely called and scripturally ordained.

13. Divine healing.

14. Blessed hope (rapture).

15. The millennial reign.

16. A final judgment.

17. New heavens and a new earth.